Carlo  Nicita is a sicilian flutist and composer. He always sought in his music a concept " total creative ", the result of the synthesis of different languages, styles and musical forms , elaborating a personal expression that has its roots in jazz treasures of European classical music , and through music popular Brazilian music , his gaze projected towards experimentation. After a first period in which he worked as a classical concert pianist in chamber ensembles and orchestra , working in different groups of popular music research and progressive rock , he won a scholarship from Berklee College of Music of Boston at Umbria Jazz in 2001 and a scholarship to Siena Jazz in 2002. During the same year he moved to Milan and he devoted himself mainly to jazz, composition and improvised music . His records " Voices ", " Unquiet Serenade " , in collaboration with pianist Rosario Di Rosa, and " Taranta 's Circles ," with Mahanada Quartett , won critical acclaim both nationally ( Jazz Music, Jazzit , Jazz Review, Jazz Magazine Italy , All About Jazz Italy , ) and international (Jazz Magazine - France, USA Cadence Magazine , All About Jazz USA) and led him to play in prestigious festivals, theaters and jazz clubs in Italy , USA, Greece , Spain, Lithuania , Switzerland , Malta, always getting a great response. He has recorded for SOULNOTE discs "Earthquake Suite" and " Suite for Bird " by Giovanni Falzone . He founded together with Giancarlo Mazzù , Luciano Troja and Carmel Cogley Mahanada the Quartet and worked with Maria Pia De Vito , Huw Warren, John Falzone, Yuri Goloubev , Rosario Di Rosa , Tino Tracanna , Mauro Negri , Paolo Botti, Ferdinand Faraò , Francis Pinetti, Tito Mangialajo Rantzer , Francesca Ajmar , Scrignoli Valerio Massimo Minardi , Bartholomew Barenghi , Oscar Del Barba , Matthew Rebulla , and many others. He writes music for theater and worked with the actress -director Elda Olivieri . With artchipel ORCHESTRA Ferdinand Faraò won the award for " Best Training Year 2012" in the referendum of Jazz and has been repeatedly voted in the " Record of the Year ", " Best New Talent Italian " and " Musician of ' year. "  more